Utilities & Services

SeaPoint Brochure

Utilities                            Industrial buildings and land sites only
Electric                            3-phase, 30 MW, 13.8 kV and 480 V are in place
Gas                                   8” main
Water                              City of Savannah I&D; 20” main; well water and river water available onsite
Sewer                              On-site wastewater treatment system, 4 MGD capacity; will need addition for sanitary waste
Fire Protection              City of Savannah/Chatham County, located at the entrance of the plant
Steam                              Operating Sulfuric Acid plant with HP steam available


• Waste water treatment
• Steam (byproduct of sulfuric acid plant)
• Wharf services
• Production operation outsourcing
• Dual rail service – CSX & NS
• Potable water
• HSE services
• Compressed air
• Processed water
• Construction services
• Security
• Maintenance
• Storeroom services