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SeaPoint Industrial Services

Our developed and in-place network of infrastructure and services help meet your manufacturing requirements. From natural gas to 24/7 security, explore our industrial services that will save you time, money, and headaches while ensuring your operations run efficiently and effectively.

  • Steam

    Steam, a by-product of the production of sulfuric acid on site, is available at 100,000 lbs per hour at 225 PSI and offered at a competitive price.

  • Electricity

    SeaPoint receives electricity through a 115KV Georgia Power transmission line. The total capacity is 30 – 45 MW. A 13.8KV substation is on site, and 480V service is typical around site. Currently there is also a co-generation unit operating on site utilizing steam from the existing acid plant.

  • Compressed Air

    Compressed air is available at 800 cfm at 100 PSI.

  • Water

    Process and Potable Water: The Site Process Water System consists of a river pumping station, two permitted deepwater wells, a treatment plant, and distribution piping. City of Savannah Industrial and Domestic water supply is also available.   The system has excess capacity of 6 Mgpd and a 20″ main from the City is already in place.

  • Waste Water Treatment

    The site has 4Mgpd capacity for industrial wastewater processing. Sanitary sewer is available on site, but depends on the amount of industrial wastewater processed. City supplied sanitary sewer capacity is unknown but significant.

  • Security

    SeaPoint dutifully controls site access 24/7 through manned gates, and camera-monitored, card-controlled employee gates.

  • R&D Facilities

    A 60,000 square foot R&D building is located at the front of the site.

  • Warehousing

    A 100,000 square foot warehouse is available on site.