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SeaPoint Advantages

Companies that co-locate with SeaPoint will achieve significant upfront and long-term operational savings, as well as a faster build-out time. Our expansive existing infrastructure allows companies to focus more resources on their core business.

  • Developable Land

    • +/- 600 usable acres with existing footings and foundations, pipe rack, and utility connections
    • Various custom lot configurations and sizes available
    • Multiple real estate options including new purchase, build-to-suit or land lease
  • Completed Studies and Assessments

    • Phase I Environmental Assessment
    • Cultural and Endangered Species Investigation
    • Wetlands and Stream Delineation
    • Heavy Industrial Zoning Designation
  • Transportation and Logistics

    • Deepwater dock and bulk conveying systems
    • No height restrictions
    • Served by CSX direct, NS switch
    • 12 miles to I-95
    • 15 miles to I-16
    • Paved entrance road, construction access to all parts of site
  • Utilities

    • Electricity provided by Georgia Power
    • Low cost steam (byproduct of existing chemical manufacturing plant)
    • Natural Gas provided by Atlanta Gas Light
    • Existing water service line, 20″ main at 6 Mgpd excess capacity available
    • Wastewater treatment facility on site, 4 Mgpd capacity
  • Labor

    • The Savannah MSA’s manufacturing firms created approximately 21.2% of the area’s economic output as measured by GDP, accounting for $3.6 billion of output in 2015.
    • As of mid-2016, the number of manufacturing establishments in the Savannah CSA was 349 firms employing 20,614 workers
  • Regulatory Environment

    • Georgia ranked #1 State to do Business by Site Selector Magazine
    • Savannah ranked in top 10 cities for new development
    • Located in unincorporated Chatham County
    • Site zoned heavy industrial
    • Savannah Economic Development Authority can guide company through necessary permitting in 3 to 6 months (air permits typically take 1 year)

There is no other site on the eastern seaboard or in the Gulf that offers a deep waterfront site of this size with this existing infrastructure. SeaPoint is ideally suited for companies of varying sizes which have the need to be connected to a vibrant port facility for their importing or exporting of materials because they will have the benefit of shipping or receiving directly to or from the vessels through their own shared deep water berth without having to bear the full cost of independently operating and maintaining a terminal.

SeaPoint Incentives

Strong regional and state partners like the Savannah and Georgia Economic Development Authorities ensure your site selection is efficient and economical.

  • Federal Opportunity Zone

    • Investors can defer tax on any prior gains invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) until the earlier of the date on which the investment in a QOF is sold or exchanged, or December 31, 2026.
    • If the QOF investment is held for longer than 5 years, there is a 10% exclusion of the deferred gain.
    • If held for more than 7 years, the 10% becomes 15%.
    • If the investor holds the investment in the Opportunity Fund for at least ten years, the investor is eligible for an increase in basis of the QOF investment equal to its fair market value on the date that the QOF investment is sold or exchanged.
  • HUBZone

    • The government limits competition for certain contracts to businesses in historically underutilized business zones.
    • It also gives preferential consideration to those businesses in full and open competition.
  • Foreign Trade Zone compatible

    • Duty Exemption
    • Duty Deferral
    • Inverted Tariff
    • Logistical Benefits
  • Job Tax Credit

    • As a Tier 3 community, facilities in Chatham County are eligible for a $1,750 credit per job created and maintained, per year, for five years, with minimum job creation of 15 jobs.
    • In Tier 3 communities, the credit can be applied to 50% of state corporate income tax liability
    • SeaPoint is also located within a qualified Less Developed Census Tract (LDCT), which allows certain industries to participate in an enhanced version of the GA Job Tax Credit.
    • In an LDCT,  companies in qualified industries like manufacturing and warehousing are eligible for a $ 3,500 credit per job every year for 5 years, with a minimum job creation of 5 jobs, and can then be applied at 100% of your GA income tax liability and/or 100% of your GA payroll withholding taxes.
  • Quality Jobs Tax Credit

    • The value of the Quality Job Tax Credit ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 per job, per year, for up to five years (for new jobs created over a 7-year period).
    • To qualify, 50 jobs must pay wages at least 110% of a county’s average wage. The value of the tax credit depends on the average wage of the qualifying jobs in comparison to the county’s average wage.
    • The QJTC may be applied against 100 percent of state corporate income tax liability, and once all corporate income tax liability has been exhausted, the credits may be used to offset the company’s state payroll withholding.
  • Georgia Quick Start

    • Quick Start services are offered free of charge to qualified projects.
    • Georgia Quick Start develops and delivers fully customized, strategic workforce solutions free of charge as a discretionary incentive for job creation for clients opening or expanding manufacturing operations.
    • Services include:
      • Strategic workforce consultation – Quick Start’s training professionals work with company subject matter experts to guarantee training meets business goals.
      • Pre-employment assessment – Helps companies assess candidates according to their own defined criteria and preview their skills.
      • Customized post-employment and job-specific training – From fundamental knowledge to supervised on-the-job training on a company’s own technology and processes, Quick Start prepares employees for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
      • Leadership and productivity enhancement training– Businesses maintain competitiveness and emphasize continuous improvement for all team members with Quick Start’s guidance.