SeaPoint Sustainability Initiatives

A New Type of Industrial Site

We strive to create an industrial eco-system that encourages world-changing innovation, promotes environmental sustainability, and welcomes community partnerships, allowing each company on-site to focus on their core business and operate as efficiently as possible.

We are developing a green, community-minded industrial complex in three primary ways:

  • Leveraging the site's unique combination of land, water, and inland infrastructure assets.
  • Promoting and incentivizing sustainable innovations and making these technologies accessible to tenants.
  • Empowering residents and community stakeholders as we work together to bring hi-wage jobs to a distressed Federal Opportunity Zone.

“The social and environmental considerations of large-scale industrial development are real and important. The hi-wage jobs and investment that will be generated at SeaPoint will transform our community, and we’ll do it in a smart, green, ethical way.”

Reed Dulany III, President and CEO of Dulany Industries

Leveraging SeaPoint's Unique Assets

The combination of deep-water and land resources, connections to inland infrastructure and close proximity to synergistic companies allows companies to utilize more efficient transportation options as well as shared services.

Read a recent editorial about SeaPoint’s innovative co-location model.

Promoting Sustainable Innovations

At the entrance to the SeaPoint site is a 1MW solar array and 3 acre honeybee apiary and pollinator garden. SeaPoint repurposed an existing on-site R&D facility into the new Cleantech Campus, an incubator for companies and organizations advancing transformative green technologies in manufacturing and logistics.

Watch a short video by Georgia Power about innovation at SeaPoint and what that means for locating companies.

Empowering Community Partners

SeaPoint deeply values our relationship with Savannah’s residents and community partners. As we work together to bring new opportunities and high wage employment to this Federal Opportunity Zone, we will actively provide information and resources to create trusted partnerships.

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions about the jobs, investment, and activity at SeaPoint, as well as recent news about our community efforts.

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