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SeaPoint Is Now Home to 80,000 Honeybees

In October 2019, SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex welcomed over 80,000 of its newest – and tiniest – team members: honeybees!

person opening bee hive box

Dulany Industries, the parent company of SeaPoint, partnered with Five Hives and Vines (FH&V), a Statesboro-based beekeeping and meadery (opening Fall, 2020) operation, to establish a pollinator garden and help grow the honeybee population in Savannah, Georgia.

FH&V placed four hives, home to over 80,000 honeybees, at the entrance to the complex beside an existing solar field that powers over 600 homes on a sunny day. The hives and the solar farm are situated on the former City of Savannah Deptford Landfill. After seven years of effort and with the help of the City of Savannah, the Georgia EPD, and the Greenfield Environmental Trust, Dulany Industries rehabilitated the site into the solar farm and pollinator garden it is today.

“These eight acres at the entrance to our site containing solar, indigenous wildflowers, and bees are representative of the larger sustainable model that we are building on over 600 acres at SeaPoint,” said Reed Dulany, President and CEO of Dulany Industries. “It is a great way to educate and welcome people to our site!”

honeybee hives in field

Beyond their practical role in helping rebuild local bee populations, which are critical parts of our ecosystem, the honeybees serve as ambassadors for SeaPoint’s synergistic and fully sustainable operations.