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Celebrating One Year of Honeybees with More Hives

The SeaPoint team is celebrating the one year anniversary of having honeybees on site with a special gift for our tiny friends: more hives!

In October 2019, SeaPoint began its honeybee farm with four hives. After learning best practices to care for the honeybees, as well as tinkering with the right combination of  indigenous wildflowers, SeaPoint expanded the farm by adding 2 new benches with 8 new hives for a total of 12 hives on site.

Each hive is estimated to produce 60 lbs of honey. Five Hives and Vines (FH&V), a Statesboro-based beekeeping and meadery operation that provided the pollinators as well as expert support, plans to split the honey with SeaPoint and make a small local batch of SeaPoint mead, or honey wine, with the honey pulled from the site.